Our Dojo – Established in 2002

By providing quality martial arts training and treating each student with kindness, respect, and dignity, Keizer Martial Arts looks to be a force for positive action within our school, our families, and our community.

…people have so many different struggles and challenges. When they come here, I want them to be able to build skill and confidence to create more positivity in their life.” (Mr. Chad)

“Since coming to Keizer Martial Arts, I have overcome physical and mental obstacles that I had previously considered immoveable. I feel empowered and energized – I love learning here!”

“The instructors at Keizer Martial Arts really care about our children, and they go to great lengths to help the kids find their confidence.”

“All the instructors are really patient and extremely knowledgeable. I have a sense of security, better mental balance and am in the best shape of my life!”


Training in martial arts is a challenging and rewarding journey.

Come as you are and explore your potential. Your life will never be the same!